Creating a new survey. Presentation and Navigation Tab. Format: A drop down box that allows you to choose either: Question by Question: Survey will display. May 4, Part of this tutorial was adapted from a tutorial by LimeSurvey. See its complete version at: ?page. LimeSurvey (formerly PHPSurveyor) is a free and open source on-line survey application written in PHP based on a MySQL, PostgreSQL or MSSQL database, .

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The script will ensure that only one person per email address can complete your survey.

Surveys with hunderds of questions, thousands linesurvey participants and complicated survey logic are possible. To set a dropdown box starting at the number 2, and going to 10 in 2’s ie: This type of question is one that does not require an answer from the user. Use a specific layout of array of Checkboxes.

Limesurvey Tutorial

There are two ways through which you can reach the create a new survey page:. Through LimeSurveyyou can view each response individually. Use the advanced settings at the bottom of the page to limit the possible answers.

Can be used to ensure that a user selects at least a certain number of answers in a Multiple Tuorial question. The participant will be required to identify a slightly scrambled text.


The outcome of this expressions was either true or falseThe outcome of an expressions need not be true or false. Add this attribute, and a value indicating the number of columns you wish the question to use. In order to access the survey group functionalities, click on the Surveys button located on the main toolbar of the LimeSurvey home page. No existing survey is going to be overwritten during the import process. Sometimes one would like the user to enter more than one entry for the same question; this is achieved using tick check boxes.


N – Numerical Input. Select how the date should be displayed in the survey and the survey results. If the age is more than 18, you can for instance go to question 2 about marriage and later skip question 3, otherwise skip question 2 and go to question 3 about toys. If it has been already chosen from the global settings by the superadministrator to have the “no answer” option displayed, then the Show “No answer” of the local survey field becomes non-selectable because the global settings trump the survey settings idem for the Off case.

A notification is simply an email sent to the participants that includes a link to the survey. Try loading your data in one of them and getting the numbers asked above. The attribute was added for the purpose of being able to narrow down possible options – although it’s of limited use since the answer of previous question is compared to the label code of the yutorial one. Change your survey Family Life to be as close as possible to the following example survey.

Once the import process is completed, limesurfey survey structure import summary will be displayed, showing whether it was successful or not:. Show graphs in public statistics: For now you can think of a question group as a page. This is the email address of the administrator as above and is used as the ‘reply to: In this tutorial you will learn to use Limesurvey version 2.

For more information on bootswatch themes, check the following link. Click here to learn more about each attribute. You just made your first survey.

Surveys – introduction

After asking the age of a person in question 1, you can decide what the next question has to be. Instead of routing remember, routing is bad, complicated and error prone Limesurvey uses the concept of Relevance. This question type can be used to ask for a certain date which can be entered the form. Type for instance name. Each attribute can have a “value” attached to it.


Note that if you are using tokens, then this option will have no effect because the token itself will not allow the participant to take the survey more than once. Array 5 Point Choice Question Code: Custom labels sets can be created for specific uses, such subjective data types eg.

Surveys – introduction – LimeSurvey Manual

Any emails that do not conform to this rule are discarded silently, without any visible error message. Proceed as shown in the following table:. Used to customize the templates used for the invitations, reminders, confirmations, and registration emails.

If you set it to Yesa participant can print a summary of responses at submit time. Only available in Array Multi Flexible Numbers question type. Just like the survey itself, the question group needs a name. Basically, bootswatch is a collection of themed swatches which can be freely downloaded and dropped into your Bootstrap site.

Set this to a date if you want your survey to start on a certain date. A notification is emailed to you when a participant responds to the survey. Creating a new survey Publication and Access Control Tab.

K – Multiple Numerical Input. In this lesson we will extend our first survey with some questions of different types. Would you like to change anything in your family life?

If your operating system has another language then you must select “English” as interface language here. Setting a value of 20 for this would mean that the total value of all numbers entered in all input boxes for this question may not be less than PSPP will understand it right away.