Kanjira is an important instrument among south Indian percussion instruments. Kanjira artist, Nerkunam Dr. S. Sankar gives Kanjira lessons online through. Learn Kanjira ~ Kanjira Lessons online At Chennai. Kanjira/Mridangam Lessons in Chennai, Now ONLINE! You have reached the home page. Online Beginner Kanjira Lessons, one to one with top musicians. The syllabus, features, faq and everything that you need to know about the course.

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The speed they can get this up to is amazing! Please note that the fee differs based the class time slots, the fee payment type and a few other criteria. Beginner Kanjira Beginner carnatic kanjira. Finding Your Voice On Drums Kanjira is one of the main percussion instruments of the Carnatic classical music system. The kanjira is probably the most difficult Indian drum to be effective on because it is played with only one hand, the role of the other hand being to support the drum and bend the pitch with the fingertips.

Fundamental Lessons Easy 6 hours approx. We will allocate you a Guru and timeslot based on your preferences. This is where the left hand fingers bend the drum head for glissando. The Ta sound is a sharp staccato sound similar to a crisp but delicate slap on a conga. Aadhi Thalam – 3 beats Medium 10 hours approx. If we look at the holding positions, we can see how this is achieved.


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The thumb comes around inside the shell. We can see how the fingertips come around underneath the shell and touch the head just at the edge. In this state the drum is very highly tuned but in performance it needs to be very bass orientated. It is a relatively recent addition with its status elevated to solo instrument by the genius of the late Sri Hari Shankar and more recently the kanjirra Selva Ganesh Vinayakram.

Mohara and Korvai Medium 4 hours approx. The notation system I am employing is very simple and on two lines only. The shell of the kanjira i s approximately 2 inches deep and the diameter of the shell is approximately 7 or 8 inches wide. kanjia

Beginner Kanjira Course Details | Bmusician

The main drum in Carnatic music is the mridangam, a double-headed barrel drum. Our first pattern requires a simple accent pattern using only the closed ‘ta’ sound with both the three and one fingered units. The one fingered striking unit with the first finger and a unit involving the second, third and fourth fingers joined together. The hand should move in towards the centre for the ‘Ta’ sounds and out towards kajnira edge slightly for the open ‘Tum’ sound.

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Our next patterns require the introduction of the open ‘Tum’ sound with the first finger. This kznjira the characteristic fast rolling you hear from Kanjira players.

Beginner Kanjira

This means that a range of complex phonetics are represented by a simpler set of strokes on the drum. Deine Daten werden nicht weitergegeben. The system has an in-browser video classroom that will work on the following kaanjira – Chrome recommendedFirefox and Opera.

This well-structured course consists of around 10 modules that educates students about the fundamentals of Indian carnatic percussion and trains the students in playing complete Aadhi Thalam lessons on the Kanjira. Course Gallery holds the course ebooks, course related videos, notations, informative pictures and various other information that is regularly updated and maintained.

A calendar that displays the upcoming classes, kabjira and other events. The Kanjira — a traditional instrument from south India. A music theory Q and A blackboard that is maintained by the Guru to educate the students in music theory. Jetzt kostenlosen Kurs erhalten.

Deine Daten werden nicht an Dritte weitergegeben. Interesting Korvais Hard 4 hours approx.

Pete’s Kanjira basics page. Aadhi Thalam – 4 beats Medium 15 hours approx.