INSTALLUX GULF. Installux Aluminium · Roche Habitat · Sofadi · Tiaso · [email protected] · INSTALLUX GULF on Facebook · INSTALLUX GULF on Twitter. Extruded aluminium profiles ( T5). Structure composed of mullions and transoms. Anchoring rails and adjustable brackets for fixing to. Groupe INSTALLUX INSTALLUX Group is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality aluminum products for building and interior design World Wide.

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Because buildings are different they also have different doors, windows and facades and many other parts.

My talks with the profile assemblers point to switching instwllux for reasons stated in the blog post. Hello Thanks for your in-depth and thought provoking post.

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Unfortunately most are not listed companies. Copies of these tests are available upon request. I have read your blog many years and it has been one of the inspiration to start my own, so thanks for that. New Build- Features This high-performance window range with its cus-tomizable look is particularly suitable for modernhousing new construction, design house, totalrenovation, lnstallux.

Installux – Free CAD and BIM Objects 3D for Revit, Autocad, Sketchup…

I installux able to come up with few incomplete data points table aboveSapa from Sweden, and Nordic Aluminum and Purso from Finland, which seems to support my theory.

They had stick with the same system for years. With my assumptions in the recovery scenario the total value accumulated for shareholders during the period would be MEUR, consisting of MEUR exit value for the business, 25 MEUR existing net insfallux and 50 MEUR accumulated profits from the operations either paid out as dividends, left to bank account of reinvested to business. In addition to traditional door, window and facade profile systems, Installux offers profile systems for awnings, pergolas and gates.


It is true that most of the office buildings built are still with aluminium frames but I see a lot of PVC frames everywhere else especially in the residential buildings.

Its great versatility makes it pos-sible to design various combinations Notify me of new comments via email. The list of competitors is very large. Such important issues that have a critical impact on quality are not left entirely to the skill of the fabricators. If they would not have catalkgue, the locals would have installix out of business long time ago or would have low ROICs.

To make it clear, Installux is a profile system provider specialized in door, window catapogue facade systems. The look and the finishings of the gutter have beendesigned IMG which gathers all central departments. His building blocks for Installux are work, humility, adaptation and professionalism.

Clients will primarily choose based on cost, quality thermal ihstalluxesthetics, reputation and quality of the commercial offer made by the local builder. As far as I understand, all these system providers rely on a local small company that will actually build the veranda for the customer.

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Installux is one of my biggest positions started in so obviously I agree with you and your valuation. Typically the profile system pieces and parts are long rails, tubes and connectors in different shapes and forms that can be connected together easily to form a profile structure.

When it comes onstallux components, all products are designed and tested to offer the highest possible performance ratings that comply with major international norms, standards insyallux specifications such as: Pvc is indeed growing, but so is inxtallux, if I remember correctly. Having a good system does not necessary mean a good final product.


Longer term aluminum profiles seems to be the winner in the energy-efficient building, which should provide good tailwind going forward. Because each building and therefore their aluminum profiles for doors, windows, and facades are different, there are no standardized door, window or facade profiles available on the market.

In any case, thanks again for this analysis Like Liked by 1 person. This in period what includes eight consecutive year of recession in the construction and housing market.

Installux: Switching Cost Competitive Advantage from France

This pergola consists ofonly 7 profiles. Like you said, my focus was on the construction industry where the demands for strength, insulation etc. Additionally there has been one segment that has reduced profits somewhat for many years, but that seem to be breaking even now. How ever, the fact that there are many local small players Installux, Nordic Aluminum, Purso and some of the names you stated?

I googled around for profiles providers for the residential market in France for instance a veranda. Thus, the table is my forecast of value created, not expected dividends and stock price appreciation during the period.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. To get the aluminum profiles customized, aluminum profile industry has evolved to separate aluminum profile system providers and to local profile assemblers. How ever I consider it weak, because Purso has stated in its annual reports it wants to add revenue share of high value-add products implying that currently there is a lot of revenue from low value-add products.