AmpFlSTR® Identifiler® Direct PCR. Amplification Kit for use with: reaction kit (Part no. ). reaction kit (Part no. ). Publication Part. Development and validation of the AmpFℓSTR® Identifiler® Direct PCR Amplification Kit: a multiplex assay for the direct amplification of. The AmpFℓSTR® Identifiler® Direct PCR Amplification Kit has been developed specifically to help address the DNA extraction and purification bottleneck that.

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Data is therefore collected More information. Blood and buccal samples collected on untreated paper substrates and treated with Applied Biosystems Prep-n-Go Buffer. To learn practical applications of DNA purification More information. Multicomponent analysis is the process that separates the five different fluorescent dye colors into distinct spectral components.

For Research Use Only. Do not add a blank disc to the positive control well. Administrator s Guide More information.

There are two forms. This package insert must be More information. If you are processing multiple sample type and substrate combinations for example, buccal samples on treated paper and buccal samples on swabsperform separate sensitivity experiments for each sample type and substrate to be used for testing.


Negative control Test samples Positive control 1. To minimize the effect of instrument-to-instrument variation, use the same thermal cycler to amplify all three plates. For safety and biohazard guidelines. This experiment accounts for instrument-to-instrument and sample-to-sample variations. Windows and Windows Vista are trademarks of Identifkler Corporation.

Select samples and prepare plates 1.

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Place the tip of a 1. The Results Editor home screen. Who s Your Daddy? There are two forms More information. Single-source blood samples on treated paper or untreated paper Buccal samples on treated paper, untreated paper, or swabs When amplifying single-source, unpurified samples using the Identifiler Direct Kit, you should iedntifiler to see greater variation in peak height from sample to sample than is expected with purified samples.

AmpFlSTR Identifiler Direct PCR Amplification Kit

Not intended for any animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use. Careful optimization of the cycle number direft help to minimize this variation. To maximize result quality, prepare and amplify Plate 1 then repeat for Plates 2 and 3.

Not for use in diagnostic procedures. These products may be covered by one or more Limited Use Label Licenses. Our studies iidentifiler the optimum PCR cycle number should generate profiles with the following kdentifiler peak heights, with no instances of allelic dropout and minimal occurrence of off-scale allele peaks.


Not intended for any animal or human. These standards, which have been evaluated as internal size standards, yield precise sizing results for Identifiler Direct Kit PCR products.

AmpFlSTR Identifiler Direct PCR Amplification Kit – PDF

All trademarks are the property of Thermo Fisher Scientific and its subsidiaries unless otherwise specified. MBS For the quantitative determination of human free testosterone f-testo concentrations in serum, plasma. The Identifiler Direct Kit is optimized to amplify unpurified: Do not prepare all three plates simultaneously. Information in this document is subject to change without notice.

Radioactive label, silver More information. Classic Immunoprecipitation PR 01 G-Biosciences technical gbiosciences. New Features in Version 5. This sample type is not frequently used for the collection of database or casework reference samples.

Not for use in diagnostic. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures. Introduction Background Product Overview. Information in this document is subject to change without.

Use of this thermal cycling platform may adversely affect performance of the Identifiler Direct Kit.