Smaller, Compact Size – – Shaped like an air cylinder and easy to use – – Many variations to suit your needs – 1. Space-saving The new Mini ROBO. Introduction of the product information for low cost Electric Cylinder『ROBO Cylinder』. Consult IAI’s entire Intro to ROBO Cylinder® Catalog catalogue on DirectIndustry. Page: 1/

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Stainless Steel Dust Strip: Also easy to do preparation for line changing after operate.

This type move directly using pulse train from PLC etc. Additional round shape rod type for compact size actuator that can operate in 24V power. Dramatically reduce work damage and error. Open the catalog to page 8. Open the catalog to page 2.

Intro to ROBO Cylinder® Catalog – IAI – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation | Brochure

Add on Instructions for Allen Bradley. No need to change battery, no expense, and no adjustment for Batteryless Absolute Encoder. ERC series is a built-in controller that is easy to install, wiring and adjust. There are plenty of variations which corresponds to the space in the equipment, serving as an attraction.

RCP5 series with standard battery less absolute encoder. Serial communication type This type will operate robocylinser position that has been set up serial communication such as field network. Reduce downtime and maximize your return.


Open the catalog to page 1. Used for jig and workpiece positioning, table travel, etc Features Usage Mini Slider type Mini Rod type motor can easily perform switching operations for the unit model Among their jai innovative products is the Robocylindera robotic actuator designed to take the place of a standard air cylinder.

Over 30 Years of IAI! For faster response, enter Air-Oil Systems as your distributor of choice. Acceleration and deceleration can be set independent of each other, providing excellent control of work.

RSC3 series has robocylnder travelling performance and repeatable positioning accuracy. You do not need extra space for a separate controller minimizing the control area. Various mounting brackets similar to what you normally use with air cylinders are supported.

ROBO Cylinder

Multi positioning point up to points. Features 1 Easy to install. Environment friendly as there is no oil roocylinder. Features 4 Maintenance Free. Ultra small electric RCD series with 12mm cross-section size. The table type is constructed with a high-rigidity slide mechanism for greater moment loads.

The AQ Seal is engineered to provide precise lubrication to critical points and will ensure optimal maintenance-free operation. Features 2 High Performance. Open the catalog to page Easy as no program required. Powerpoint presentation on the features and benefits of the Intelligent Actuator product line. Exceptional value; actuator price includes the controller. With dust-proof, splash-resistant and Class 10 Clean room-compliant actuators, IAI products can do most any job you require of them.


Pressing operation using a high thrust like in air cylinder. The built-in controller offers simple wiring. High performance electric actuator in a compact size.

Air-Oil Systems, Inc. – IAI Intelligent Actuator

Roobcylinder cylinder mounted on pulse motor gives a better output in push operation and coming to a complete stop. Easy to change speed and acceleration. Same as air cylinder that able to install to any type.

ERC3 series is a built-in controller type and easy to assemble, wire or adjust.

The table on the main body slides until it is positioned. Established inIAI has grown globally to serve over 12 countries. IAI has 24 regional offices in Japan and is proud to announce a newly constructed headquarters, with an adjacent state of the art manufacturing facility to produce the highest quality automation robots. Electric cylinder RCP4 series with maximum speed 1. Catalog excerpts Ball Screw Lubrication: IAI is iak manufacturer of innovative electrical linear and multi-axis robotics systems.

Open the catalog to page 4. Capable of pressing operation, pitch feeding, zone output, pause input, changing speed during operation and individual setting for acceleration speed. Optimized for fast and easy motor change-outs. Features 3 Energy Saving.

A new electric cylinder that mechanical engineer can operate and adjust. Open the catalog to page 9.