The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) provides Work/Life leadership to the Federal Government by partnering with Federal agencies to help them develop. Federal Retirement Moving ChecklistMoving? Use this tool to help you prepare for moving and then conduct any relevant transactions after your move. (Source: Introduction to the Position Classification Standards, TS, July ) ://

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Human Resource Development Work that involves planning, administering, or evaluating programs designed to develop employees and manage learning in the organization. The work also involves analyzing management problems and providing advice and insight about the probable effects of alternative solutions to these problems.

Labor Relations Work that involves establishing and maintaining effective relationships including the use of non-traditional collaborative approaches with labor organizations that represent Federal employees, negotiating and administering labor agreements, and providing guidance and consultation to management on a variety of labor relations matters.

This work may involve any one or a combination of the following functions: These positions require specialized knowledge of the principles and methods of administering environmental protection programs and the laws and regulations related to environmental protection activities. The work involves planning training programs for these individuals; placing them in gainful employment; and supervising them while in training and during adjustment to the job.

For positions classified under the General Htttp, position classification standards and job family standards provide grading criteria. The work includes formulating information source search strategies and reviewing data to identify patterns and relationships across financial, criminal, public record, and other information.

These positions require ability in locating and identifying wanted persons or property, knowledge of court procedure, basic knowledge of business records and practices, knowledge of Federal and State laws that deputies must enforce, as well as relevant court decisions, and ability to deal with people from all levels of society. Office of Personnel Management 90 Series in this group are: The paramount requirements for this work are knowledge of and skill in applying research principles and methods and a broad and thorough knowledge of one or more scientific fields or interdisciplinary fesclass related to the education research work being performed.

Metallurgy is the art and science of extracting metals from their ores, refining them, alloying them and preparing them for use, goov studying their properties and behavior as affected by the composition, treatment in manufacture, and conditions of use.

Library technicians provide technical support by performing a wide variety of tasks providing direct services to the public and indirect technical services such as materials acquisition, copy cataloging, ww of automated systems, or other similar work wwww support of library or related information programs and operations.

Office of Personnel Management Operating Systems Work htt involves the planning, installation, configuration, testing, implementation, and management of the systems environment in support of the organizations IT architecture and business needs. The work requires knowledge of specific observation and examination procedures, hytp ability to perform diagnostic and therapeutic tasks. The work requires a a broad knowledge of one or more scientific, engineering, technical, or other disciplines or fields of interest sufficient to understand the significance and relationships of the concepts and ideas contained in the information, and b a practical knowledge of one or more techniques for organizing, accessing, or fss6914 information.

It also covers positions that review, analyze, code, abstract, and compile or extract medical records data. Positions in this group require writing, editing, and language ability; artistic skill and ability; knowledge of foreign languages; the ability to evaluate and interpret informational and cultural materials; or the practical application of technical or esthetic principles combined with manual skill and dexterity; or related clerical skills.


Handbook of Occupational Groups and Families

Also included are positions concerned with teaching social work, doing research on social work problems, training of social work students, and providing consultation and advice to members of related professions and community organizations on social work questions. Duties involve the management, supervision, or performance of work in: Work characteristic of this series requires a thorough understanding of Federal life insurance laws, rules, and regulations, as well as established precedents.

Conservation work requires knowledge of: These positions require a practical knowledge of the agency’s regulations and programs; a practical knowledge of chemical and biological processes and analytical methods; the characteristics of gttp products; pertinent manufacturing, storage, and distribution methods; and techniques of inspection, sampling, and field testing.

Positions in this series advise agency management on policy formulation and the potential public reaction to proposed policy, and identify and carry out the public communication requirements inherent in disseminating policy decisions. The major objectives of the work are to assess customs duties and associated taxes to be paid on imported merchandise, and to ensure compliance with related laws and regulations.

Manual arts therapists evaluate vocational potential of patients; devise projects and equipment to maintain or improve skills of patients and promote recovery; and evaluate patient’s ability to work in an actual or simulated work environment.

The work relates directly to: Duties may range from work which involves group leadership and giving practical guidance on day-to-day activities to residents in a Government facility to work that involves training or employment opportunities.

The work requires a knowledge of real estate laws, principles, practices, and markets. The work does not require full professional preparation in archival science, or the application of a full professional knowledge of the history of the United States.

Plant protection technicians provide technical support in research efforts; in the establishment and enforcement of plant quarantines governing the movement of insects, plant diseases, nematodes, and other plant pests of economic importance; or in the survey, detection, field identification, control or eradication htfp plant pests.

Fws6194 work requires a professional knowledge of archival principles uttp techniques, professional knowledge of history, and a thorough understanding of the needs, methods and techniques of scholarly research. The work requires artistic ability, the skill to draw freehand or with drawing instruments, and the ability to use art media such as pen-and-ink, pencils, tempera, acrylics, oils, wash, watercolor, pastels, air brush, or computer-generated graphics.

Handbook of Occupational Groups and Families – [PDF Document]

Physician assistants assist in the examination and observation of patients by performing such duties as taking case histories, conducting physical examinations, and ordering laboratory studies during hospital rounds and clinic visits.

Positions covered by this series require as their primary qualification, knowledge of the principles, practices, and techniques of managing the physical receipt, custody, care, and distribution of material, including the selection of appropriate storage sites, material handling equipment, and facilities.

Cartographic technicians supervise or perform precompilation tasks such as reviewing source materials, extending basic geodetic control networks, and providing input for plotting map projections and collars. The work requires a background of knowledge, skills and techniques gained from professional training in a health science or allied scientific field, but has no paramount, rigid or continuing requirement for the knowledge, skills and techniques fedclads any of the established series that reflect one or more of the academic disciplines or gvo professions.


Positions in this series require a practical knowledge of the techniques of anatomical laboratory practice in one or both of the areas of laboratory work i. These positions require knowledge and skill in the operation, maintenance, or manufacture of aircraft and aircraft systems. Included in this series is such work as: This includes the performance, leadership, management, or supervision of scientific research to solve educational problems or to develop new knowledge bearing on educational processes.

Office of Personnel Management 78 Tax Law Specialist Series This series covers all classes of positions, not classifiable in any other series, the principal duties of which are to wqw, supervise, or perform quasi-legal technical tax work requiring analysis and application of tax principles and specialized knowledge of the Internal Revenue Code and related laws, court decisions, regulations, and precedent rulings of the Internal Revenue Service, not requiring legal training equivalent to that represented by graduation from a recognized law school; in such functions as: Such work requires the application of a knowledge of the history, sources, physical and chemical properties, biochemical, toxic, and physiological effects, mechanisms of action, absorption, distribution, metabolism, biotransformation and excretion, and therapeutic and other eww of drugs.

These positions require a professional knowledge of education theories, principles, processes, and practices at early childhood, elementary, secondary, or post secondary levels, or in adult or continuing education. Office of Personnel Management 25 Social Science Aid and Technician Series This series covers positions involving nonprofessional work of a technical, specialized, or support nature in one or more of the social science or other occupational fields covered by this group when there is no more appropriate series.

The utilities feclass which these positions are primarily concerned are telecommunications, electric and gas power, water, steam, and sewage disposal. Physical science technicians perform technical work in such fields as astronomy, chemistry, geology, physics, geophysics, health physics, metallurgy, and oceanography for which a specific technician series has not been established.

Positions in which specialized knowledge of logistics support functions are the paramount requirement are classified to whichever specialized or general series is wwa appropriate.

It includes related materials, equipment, systems, fws6941, and components. These positions involve technical work in the administration of contract provisions relating to control of Government property in the possession of contractors, from acquisition through disposition.

The work requires knowledge of learning theory and the principles, methods, practices and techniques of one or more specialties of the instructional systems field. Excluded are positions that require application of knowledge of statistical clerical methods characteristic of the Statistical Assistant Series, The persons served by the programs may be individuals or families in the community or individuals in an institution, dormitory, or other Government facility. These duties require knowledge of economic, social, cultural, and political conditions in the country of assignment and of United States foreign policy.

Therapists also wwq adaptations of equipment to meet the specific needs of patients.