– Single sheet folded catalogue. – Single sheet folded – Hornby-Dublo Book of Trains. – 2 and 3 rail Catalogue. – 2 and 3 rail. This photo is in 2 albums. Toys and Models items; Hornby Dublo 22 items. Tags · steam · railway · heritage · locomotive · rail · model. Hornby Dublo catalogues and leaflets. /40 Hornby Book of Trains which includes pre-war Dublo range fully illustrated all pages tape repaired along spines.

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Clockwork locos were never re-introduced. Improved, heavier, loco chassis introduced, with powerful new “Alnico” magnet replacing the Horseshoe type, and radio interference suppressor fitted. Two rail is a bit fussier, depending on clean track and wheels to cope with having live on one track, and return on the other.

BR Standard tank along with suburban coaches. FromHornby plc began to announce a series of declining financial results. Apart from the tinplate track being strong and durable, you get the benefit of good earth pickup from the wheels on both sides. The British Toy Business: Plastic couplings first appeared on these models. Hornby were lucky in another regard; magnet technology was advancing, and they were on the right cataloggue to exploit this when their competitors, slightly earlier to market, were labouring with compromises and complexities which Hornby were able to sidestep completely.

You both are, which makes the argument easier. First to market Once Meccano identified the market for smaller trains, they lost no time coming up with the first mass-produced OO gauge system as we know it.


However, the cahalogue and coach bodies were tinplate.

Excellent magazine in full colour with 10 issues a year and a forum on their website which you can join but only if you are a member. The loco “Duchess of Atholl” with LMS coaches finally appear, in boxes sets only, having been advertised in but never produced.

Hornby Dublo Catalogue 2nd Edition

Safety concerns saw low voltage 4V and then 6V motors introduced, followed by a reliable 20V AC system, which was developed in the early s. Forbes Outfitters and St. The Master Control unit was discontinued inthe Slave controller, Loco Modules, and accessory modules were still available until the late s. The catalogue was in the form of a single large folded sheet. Hornby Railways became independent in the s, and became listed on the London Stock Exchangebut horrnby to recent [ when?

Lima also had a cattalogue OO gauge range much like Hornby, which strengthened the case for acquisition. The price shown on Vectis does not show the buyers and sellers premium so what you see is not what you get. Repairs to Zero 1 units were no longer undertaken by Hornby due to them djblo ‘Lack of available parts required’. As for their O gauge locomotives, electric Hornby Dublo locomotives ran on a third rail electric system with the track built on a pressed tinplate base.

Always happy to add people who are into Horny Dublo. By Hornby was facing challenges from Palitoy and Airfixboth of which cattalogue producing high quality detailed models.

Get to Know Us. Try this; for Dublo Surgeon Link http: Hornby-Dublo was only produced for a couple of years before it became necessary for the factory to switch its attention to the war effort.


Meccano introduced its OO scale trains in under the name ‘Hornby Dublo’. Well worth a uornby. With the benefit of hindsight, the policy of keeping the faith with its existing three-rail users whilst bringing the two-rail system to the market was a mistake that cost the company dearly.

Well-received by serious modellers. Many of the buildings are the same as their Skaledale equivalent, except in different scales, to save the cost of designing a new model.

Learn how your comment data is processed. More rolling stock appears and finally more accessories until wartime situation halts production and development. Several other ” Live Steam ” locomotives have now been produced.

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Hornby Dublo Catalogue

Another disadvantage of the original couplings was that it depended on being sprung, with attendant problems if the springiness was lost. Hi, Just to advise you that due to BT shutting cwtalogue their servers our web address has changed to http: Find a similar item that you want to sell on ebay, click add it to my watch list and you will then see how much it sells for.

Tinplate-bodied wagons phased out, except for tank wagons.