table and deal with the combined use of BFE 65 and KT x as KBF. Note please that the BFE . as part of the HOBBYMAT system. Fig. 6 shows the. Hobbymat BFE65 Milling Machine | Business, Office & Industrial, Metalworking/ Milling/Welding, Milling | eBay!. HOBBYMAT BFE 65 Bench top Milling machine converted to CNC control, includes DELL Optiflex GSX PC & Keyboard This has been a.

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Your name or email address: Assembly The rest of the build went smoothly, there are not many parts and even without a diagram it is easy to work out where everything goes. The kit contained the multi-function display, and three linear scales.

I got mine hobnymat The Hairy Worma family business who manufacture the stuff. This item may be a floor model or an item that has been returned to the seller after a period of use.

I’ve seen more capable brand new Mill’s at Axminster for a few hobbyamt more which could be a valid alternative. Next I cleaned up all the bits with petrol and a green scourer for non-way surfacescleaned the holes with hobbumat pipe cleaner and blew them out with compressed air. Skip to main content.

Yes, my password is: To keep the head in good working order regular greasing of the gears – and the selector forks – is vital. I would get one good pass with a heavy cut, then remove the tool for sharpening…. X-axis scales installed, and after a year or so of use.

DRO kit off eBay I bought my kit from seller motor-mall. The long part of the scale was bolted to the T-slot table, using a couple of spacers to match the distance of the reading head from the lower part of the table.


I installed the scale upside down — with the reading head at the bottom. One of these has come up for sale local to me, as seen here: Capacitive digital scales abandonded. Thats pretty quick for a small table. Before buying a second-hand, be sure to run the head through the entire speed range, and r. Next I trawled eBay, the best I could find were from this seller in China, and had a 10mm bore but a 4mm keyway.

This damage may have happened at the same time the handwheels were broken. I am glad I went for the higher-resolution version, as I can now know when the gibs are loose, and get early warning of when things are not going to plan.

X-axis I decided to place the X-axis scales behind the table, out of the way of the gib adjusting screws and X-axis stops. Hobbymta these screws are mishandled the block will be cracked – therefore any adjustment should be approached with caution.

I think what you need to do is determine if you NEED more cutting force at the expense of this rapid speed. When set up as an independent unit, a mm x mm co-ordinate table was employed, equipped as standard with rulers on each axis.

Results 1 to 5 of 5. You can scout around on hobbumat for some videos to get a feel for how quick this really is. The bits of fur poking hobbgmat the slot are the draught excluder. Mill head inserted and ready to make some chips: I am far from a mill expert.

Lastly bed travel is ,80 x,y,z. Early heads were very reliable, with reports of them being in continuous service for over 25 years, Unfortunately, heads made after approximately were fitted with “improved” plastic gears in place of the earlier fibre type and theses can suffer from loose bushes that allow them to slip down and partially engage the face dogs of those beneath, so locking the drive.


I just disconnected the lead to the linear scale, and plugged it into the X-axis port on the back of the head.

Need Help! Hobbymat BFE65 Conversion – Gearing my Steppers?

The complete Hobbymat BFE vertical milling machine with its mm x mm table. The time now is After an hour of machining, and many long hours regrinding tools… The Boss arrived. The display head comes with a number of functions.

Machining Bakelite is a bastard.

Hobbymat BFE65 Milling machine opinions?

Cleaning and mending Next I cleaned up all the bits with petrol and a green scourer for non-way surfacescleaned the holes with a pipe cleaner and blew them out with compressed air. Sell one like this. The dent is visible just above the emery paper. I decided to place the X-axis scales behind the table, out of the way of the gib adjusting screws and X-axis stops.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. However the KT mill table was in need of some TLC… it was hbobymat in muck and sometime in the past someone had broken both of the handwheels probably when trying to move it.

Bottom view showing bracket connection to the bce65 head. Log in or Sign up. First I went to the usual suspects: To figure force you can use the equation given by figure 11 at the Nook site here: I did not follow this up with the seller… The scales had solid mounting holes, and featured a yellow strip that neatly opened and closed around the link to the reading head. The only thing that still stumps me is the length of the gib screws: The fur came with a gobbymat strip: