The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco The Alienist by Caleb Carr The Historian by El alienista Laszlo Kreizler, el periodista y narrador de esta historia John. El thriller en que se basa la serie de TV The Alienist. Nueva York, John Schuyler Moore, reportero de sucesos de The New York Times, recibe en. The Alienist by Caleb Carr, , available at Book Depository with free Los Angeles Times “You can smell the fear in the air.

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The year is As I was reading this I often thought that it read like an actual historic event, being retold as a story. Their investigation also brings them in contact with the world famous Black Libraryowned by the very wealthy J. Roosevelt decides to investigate, but because Kreizler has such a dubious reputation as an alienist, and because the investigation will become politically difficult, he establishes a base of operations for them outside the police precinct.

Newspaper reporter John Schuyler Moore is summoned by his friend Dr.

The Alienist : Caleb Carr :

Still unsure why he is there or why his friend Dr. The reason why I found it easier to read as true-crime instead of crime drama, though, is because other aspects of the story were a bit lacking – like character development, for instance.

I detracted a star because there was just way too much su 4 stars A Historical Fiction detective crime thriller mystery with a twist of Holmes? Laszlo Kreizler – a psychiatrist or alienist as they were known at the time.

All around you these people fall into prostrate positions, some of them weeping. Laszlo’s other team members are John Schuyler Moore, a newspaper reporter; Sara Howard, a would-be detective who’s currently Roosevelt’s secretary; and Detective Sergeants Marcus Isaacson and Lucius Isaacson, two talented and incorruptible cops. Return to Book Page. If you are looking for an intelligent, high spirited, in depth, look at the mind of a sadistic serial killer as well caelb a stroll through the late 19th century streets of New York City then you should most assuredly pick up The Alienist.


I am sure I missed a few who made cameos as I read, but they all flow so seamlessly into and out of the story that you never think that the author is deliberately shoving them in there to give the story any heft caleeb weight to it. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I think it will translate great …more TNT is producing caarr mini-series of the novel for ; no cast yet, but should be announced soon so watch the internet.

This is a very well written psychological thriller which focuses more on the whydunit than on whodonit. I found out after I finished the book that Caleb Carr started off by writing historical non-fiction and that he alineist first pitched this book as non-fictionafraid that his editor and publisher wouldn’t accept a work of fiction from a non-fiction writer.

I found The Alienist to be a fascinating and exciting read. See all 24 questions about The Alienist…. LOL The book was a bit of a laienist in various ways. My feelings carg this book come as a surprise to me, given the great reviews I’d read. Because Carr populates his novel with many endearing characters outside of the good doctor, Laszlo Kreizler.

The Alienist (Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, #1) by Caleb Carr

I recommend dl but its not for everyone. One thing that kept bugging me was the fact that the narration kept alternating between using first name and last name. I was able to catch on and looked forward to reading more and more. And all this before we ever get a glimpse of him.

But the writing and storyline are stellar and will play into the upcoming series on TLC beginning soon.

Roosevelt has dismissed some of the worst offenders and, in the face of strong opposition, is willing to use unorthodox methods to catch the child killer.

It isand Theodore Roosevelt is the newly appointed police commissioner. As they close in on the killer through Kreizler’s use of psychological profiling, danger hits closer to home than any of our friends had expected. The prose is not especially great, and I do not necessarily think that it has much thematic depth. My one disappointment of the novel was it’s climax. Poverty insures that there are no shortage of disadvantaged immigrant boys to replace the ones who are being culled from the herd.


El alienista / The Alienist

Initially, I gave the book a 4-star rating, but as I conclude my review, I think I’ll up it to a 5. They will break new ground, using Lazlo’s “profile” to catch a serial killer. An alienist, according to 19th-Century usage, is what we would now call a psychiatrist or psychologist–and the alienist in Darr book is the unforgettable Laszlo Kreizler, a gifted but troubled doctor whose use of psychological theory in the pursuit of the killer becomes a grand obsession.

But oh my goodness, carrr incredibly hard to put aside! The story takes place in the early part of in New York City. New York StateUnited States. Though makeup paint and powder on his face are still intact, alkenist eyes are gouged out, his right hand is chopped off, his genitals are cut off and stuffed between his jaws, he has huge gashes across his entire body, his throat has been slashed, and his buttocks are “shorn off”.

But none of them figure strongly enough in the story to arouse the reader’s visceral identification. Laszlo Kreizler, an “alienist” better known in modern times as a psychologist are on the hunt for a Jack the Ripper style serial killer targeting young male prostitutes.