PDF generation using Adobe Acrobat Professional requires the use of a postscript HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Printers\DevModePerUser. We have term server that bunh of users login and Adobe PDF Printer has this check mark HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Printers\DevModePerUser\Printers->DevModePerUser) in this case it’s the Adobe PDF.

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Right-click Print generally uses the default settings for the default printer. But I would have to ask how you know which printer goes where?

Please type your message and try again. IF it is always an exact printer for an exact user you might be able to use GP demodeperuser conjunction with having a print server that already has the printer preferences set Rely On System Fonts offbut still it’s easier yet to just set a login script into GP and gives you some more options.

DevModes2 is for bit app compatibility only.

When right-clicking a PDF file, selecting Print, the resulting output is not color-corrected. Hi Folks, I have a doubt regarding printer settings. You can not post a blank message. arobe

I’m after the same thing, I have had a read of the PDF above but still cant find the exact registry key I need especially for “rely on system fonts” in Windows using Acrobat 8.

Email Required, but never shown. To fix your problem I was able to find that the registry key found here:. Adobe does not support this configuration, so they will not provide a clear way to implement it at a network level with clients in devmodepersuer locations and 4 different major versions of Acrobat.


Clarification Regarding Adobe PDF Settings | Adobe Community

If it appears that it’s Reader specific – devmodeperruser can contact Adobe Systems through here and report it – https: Thanks for your answer! Getting them back in sync tends to be an operation in frustration. Just make sure that you restart the spooler after words, just to make sure that the changes apply.

I am running a Citrix-driven environment, and I have a vital piece of software that creates a PDF repository of devmoddperuser reports as they run. Hexa decimal values 3. You don’t have JavaScript enabled. Get help Ask the community.

Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Registry Details

But i have some queries regarding changing the settings through registry. I don’t know the exact printer name that will be used, as the computer name is part of the printer name, and whenever someone logs in from a computer with PDF Printer for the first time, I don’t usually know the name. So, in other words, no support on major product lines from two major companies. The problem I have is that the users’ printers must populate into the environment Not just the default printers- ALL of themand a number of the computers have Acrobat 9 or X on them.

I don’t understand what you are trying to accomplish No a GPO wouldn’t work because you have to restart the printer spooler in order for the printer to be functional. Apparently, this problem is a common problem. I just esported the key after I had changed the printer settings to how I liked them, and then edit the.

I have nowhere else to go at this point. Any idea if there is a registry key or some kind of hook I can activate with a powershell script to fix this headache? To fix your problem I was able to find that the registry key found here: Sometimes, when user x goes to create a report, it will grab the printer from user y’s session that may not have the option properly unset- Then user x’s irreplaceable report is lost. I don’t believe that we document the registry settings used by the printer – except for those needed for silent printing.


Does this value changes from version to version? I have been researching for weeks to figure this out for myself, and I was looking for one more answer and found your question. If, after all of this – and trying other apps, other than Reader, to see if the color is corrected for them, you are still having isues this sounds more like an OS bug than a Reader specific issue.

Very Advanced Report to PDF Question

Contains all devmodeperusrr the current printer properties. Perhaps with a GPO? Voted Best Answer Edit Answer for another minute. Why does this make a difference? Using fairly low-level analysis, I found the “View PDF Results” was a byte at offset decimal assuming beginning byte starts at 0.

Doug– Thanks for the reply: I appreciate any help. Hi Leo, thanks for your input. Afobe content has been marked as final. They are the settings that appear right after launching the application after a reboot.