Durante la ronda de enfermería tomar apuntes de lo realmente y detalles que pueden ser importantes dentro de la nota de enfermería. POP 14/08/ Hemicraniectomia descompresiva derecha. Lesión que ocupa espacio parasagital frontal derecho. ¿Meningioma?. Cuidados Personales de Enfermeria (Enfermera Dedicada). Cirugía Supratentorial Craneotomia Malformación Arteriovenosa.

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Application of the American Pain Society quality assurance standards.

Anesth Analg ; 88 2: Postoperative pain in neurosurgery: This prospective research was carried out at the neurosurgery unit of a large Brazilian hospital. Reg Anesth ; 14 4: O melhor manejo faz com que o tratamento eficaz da dor reduza a morbidade e a mortalidade All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

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Services on Demand Journal. It was concluded that protocols of analgesia in craniotomy are needed, such as training nurses to better evaluate and handle pain.


Forty patients with a mean age of 36 years were evaluated. Craniotomy procedures are associated with less analgesic requirements than other surgical procedures.


A clinical audit for postoperative pain control on surgical patients. Foram avaliados 40 pacientes, com idade mediana de 36 anos.

Br J Neurosurg Jun; 10 3: Headache ; 32 2: Silberstein SD, Marcelis J. Postoperative pain management after supratentorial craniotomy. Factors affecting nurses’ decisions to medicate pediatric patients after surgery.

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Reg Anesth Nov-Dec; 21 6 Craneogomia Nurs Health Sciences ; 5: Acta Anaesthesiol Sin ; 33 3: Neurosurgery ; 38 3: Ward SE, Gordon D. Em outro estudo, foram avaliados dois grupos de pacientes. Absence of severe pain occurred after the 8 th postoperative day. Acute pain and the injury response: Headache associated with changes in intracranial pressure.

J Neurosurg Anesthesiol ; 14 2: Heart Lung ; 14 4: Em estudo realizado em pacientes de neurocirurgia, foram comparados dois grupos, sendo o primeiro grupo submetido a cirurgia intracraniana e o segundo grupo submetido a laminectomia.


Os descritores utilizados foram palavras como: Post-operative pain management of the neurosurgical patient: Consensus statement on acute pain management. For a quantitative evaluation of pain, the verbal numeric 0 – 10 rating scale was used.

How to cite this article. This study aimed to evaluate pain in the pre and postoperative period of patients submitted to craniotomy.

Pain ; 56 3: