Cate Tiernan Books In Order. Publication Order of Wicca: Sweep Books Cate Tiernan is the pseudonym of Gabrielle Charbonnet, an American writer of young . A complete Cate Tiernan Sweep Series book set. All fifteen titles I’ve always loved stories of the supernatural especially involving wicca/witches. You fall in. The Wicca book series by Cate Tiernan includes books Book of Shadows, The Coven, Blood witch, and several more. See the complete Wicca series book list in .

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Cate Tiernan

While she has had generations of family that lived and grew tiednan in New Orleans she denies being a witch and even finds Wicca to be too organized for her liking.

Crapola on Oct 21, The Big Sick 5. At first feeling guilty, but seeing the Book of Shadows is rightfully hers, Morgan confidently opposes Selene, and without any conflict Selene gives the book to Morgan. Subscribe to our feed or daily newsletter: Read it before you hate on it, seriously.


Full Circle by Cate Tiernan. Serie Wiccanchicaforever on Jan 26, Retrieved from ” https: War for Apes 3. Voodooyoulove14 on Apr 29, While not a Wiccan herself, she asserts that she “can really relate to Wicca”, and appreciates its “woman-centeredness and its essentially female identity. Cal begs Morgan to save him, so Morgan throws the athame that Cal gave her for her birthday at Hunter, sending him over the edge of the cliff and into the river.


When Alisa meets her mother’s family, she finds c… More. The author, Cate Tiernan, is a lovely woman – I actually fan-mailed her online once I know, embarrassing, but whateverand she responded almost immediately, answering all my questions in full.

Morgan’s school grades begin to slip and she finds herself having difficulty finding a balance between her school work and a life of Wicca.

Retrieved from ” https: As for comparisons, this is my opinion: Jeremy’s Top 1. I like both series’s for different reasons.

Eight years after moving to New York where she had helped edit L. I would be in heaven!! It’s a time of joy for Hunter as he is reunited w… More. Bloodegypt on Mar 9, Morgan also ends up with her own power and kicks everyones butts, sorry if you didnt want to know that, but she is not a huge spineless sissy like Ms.

Universal Adapting Cate Tiernan’s Witch Fantasy Series ‘Sweep’ |

For starters like everyone said Morgan is a strong, independent character who isn’t the lime light stealer. And there’s actually a plot, MANY plots! Views Read Edit View history. The council of witches sends Eoife, an elderly witch, to Morgan to ask her for her assistance for the rescue of the Starlocket coven, which the International Council of Witches thinks the mysterious dark wave will strike next.

He sets a trap for her to steal her powers, but when he finds out Morgan is his daughter he helps Hunter to stop the ritual before it is too late. From then on, Cal and Morgan’s relationship develops. Nonetheless, she does relate to Wicca and has found inspiration for some of her novels from the religion.


She found life in Manhattan incredible even though she earned very little money. Opal has written over novels with multiple book series such as the Dirty Talk series and the Abducted series. Cracky on Oct 20, Volume 1 by Cate Tiernan. This book tkernan entirely from Alisa Soto’s perspective with the difficulties of finding out she is a blood witch and her weird powers and the added stress from her father and his pregnant girlfriend, Alisa’s powers flood Hunter’s house.

She began her career as an assistant to the head of the Juvenile Audio and Video department at Random House in New York City, where she wrote her first children’s books.

I read them in high school loong before Meyer’s Twillight series. And if youre hating on twilight then you should read that too because the books were a million times better that the crappy movies! Subscribe to our daily newsletter updates: Jo on Oct 20, I hope I’m finished with all the books by the time the movie comes out, and may I say yes, Cae loved the twilight books, but may I say that they didnt do it at all justice with the first two movies.

I was glad for Twilight.