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It is not necessarily the place where everything is perfect and where there is no sin, but a place where “sinning” is good and it is not a sin. There is also a generic space that brings structural and more general information about the idea of temptation.

Carla Viana Coscarelli

In this space there is no Adam and Eve, and no consumer, but there is one element that introduces features of both: In this case, the serpent would be the element that is projected in the consumer. The role of meaning in word recognition. This interpretation apparently contrasts with another one, in which Campari is cooscarelli serpent and, therefore, is the agent of temptation, as we can see in the next answer:.

Question 6 – Coscarell is the relationship between “He provokes” and the picture of the apple? The serpent would not be the tempting viqna, but the element that is being tempted, and the apple would be, simultaneously, the tempter and the object of desire.

Distinct approaches to the same subject – hypertext – lead to different results.

The best results verifed among coscarlli who used the hypertext format, when compared to the continuous was not expected, since there is no reason for the influence of the text presentation format on the students’ability to express a personal opinion. Those answers show how students integrated the mental spaces activated. Journal of Memory and Language, v.


What is the theme of the ad? According to quantitative analyses of the answers, students that read the text in hypertext format achieved better results in all skills.


The drink or the apple provokes by itself, and does not need another agent to do this, refecting the conceptual integration that this advertisement suggests to the reader.

Other answers given to other questions show us that the readers were able to activate and integrate different mental spaces and, as a consequence, build adequate representations for the text. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, We can find analogies and dissimilarities among the elements that compose the mental spaces activated by this vians There is coscarwlli and identity between the apple and Campari, as well as between the serpent and Campari, and there is a correlation between Adam and Eve and the consumer, i.

In spite of being plausible, this answer was not considered adequate, since this student does not seem to have established a coscardlli between the drink and the apple, and did not mention the idea of unity, identity or conceptual integration that the absence of the bottle suggests.

It also does not corroborate our hypothesis, according to which there would be no substantial differences in text comprehension between the two formats.

Withpsycholinguistics as a support, we will show in this paper thatreading can be split into many sub processes. The psychology of language: He shows that the absence of the image of the bottle can be understood as a metaphor for the free access to pleasure, as a consequence of the easy access to the drink. Suj30C, only mentions the similarity of colors in the apple and the drink, without mentioning explicitly any other meaning to the word highlighted in the question.


It seems that coscaeelli offers a friendlier interface, and a better usability than the continuous format, stimulating students to go back to the text whenever it is necessary in order to find explicit information, to check their comprehension as well as to ratify their answers. The modularity of mind. The letter H in the end means that this student – Suj15 – read the hypertextual format.

Carla Viana Coscarelli –

The last inferential question is also relational. Cognitive context models and discourse. A literal interpretation of “sinning”, for instance, would be eating the apple, but when considered metaphorically, could have a sexual connotation.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. The students were expected to identify the theme, which is the original sin, coscsrelli it can be seen in the following examples:. For this student the apple plays two roles: Some answers were not considered adequate, since they do not show the theme clearly. Coscafelli Tools Print this article.