Family – Carcharhinidae Genus – Carcharhinus Species – limbatus. Common Names. The blacktip shark gets its name from its distinctive black. Geographic Range. The blacktip shark is widespread in all tropical and subtropical continental waters. These waters include: the Western Atlantic Ocean . Learn more about the Blacktip shark – with amazing Blacktip shark videos, photos and facts on Arkive.

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First dorsal fin has a short free rear tip 4.

Blacktip Shark Carcharhinus limbatus – Shark Facts and Information

They are also found in shallow muddy bays, mangrove swamps of high salinity, lagoons, coral reef dropoffs and in areas found far offshore Compagno, Mating occurs from spring to early summer, and the young are born around the same time carcharhinks following year after a gestation period of 10—12 months. None of the bites resulted in death. National Marine Fisheries Service U. Blacktip sharks are relatively large sharks, grey in color with a long pointed snout. Join Us Support Our Efforts.

They also consume other aquatic organisms such as guitarfish, skates, butterfly rays, stingrays, eagle rays, squid, cuttlefish, octopi, crabs and lobsters Compagno, Feeds on benthic invertebrates and fish []. International Union for Conservation of Nature. Join us today or show your support with a monthly donation.

Blacktip shark

Like other members of its family, the blacktip shark is viviparous ; females bear one to 10 pups every other year. The blacktip shark occurs in all tropical and subtropical waters 2. Bray, Carcharhinus limbatus in Fishes of Australia, accessed 01 Janhttp: University of Hawaii Press.


Average age at sexual or reproductive maturity female Sex: Connect with us Help us improve the site by taking our survey. Retrieved on April 27, The upper jaw teeth are more coarsely serrated along the cusp and crown than are the lower teeth which have fine serrations and tend to curve inwards. Articles with ‘species’ microformats Good articles.

Records from The International Shark Attack File ISAF show that blacktip sharks have historically been responsible for 29 unprovoked attacks on humans around the world.

Bulletin of Marine Science: Brazilian Journal of Oceanography. Systematische Beschreibung der Plagiostomen. They are generally used for balancing and braking. This species does not have an interdorsal ridge. They lack an interdorsal ridge. The blacktip shark has a worldwide distribution in tropical and subtropical waters. They occur throughout the Mediterranean and along the coast of West Africa. No conservation plans specifically for this species have been implemented.

Other Physical Features ectothermic heterothermic bilateral symmetry Range mass 30 to kg Limbatue other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Blacktip sharks can be found in both inshore and offshore waters, but they tend to stay close to the coasts at depths of 30 m or less. The maximum reported length of blacktip sharks is 2.

ADW: Carcharhinus limbatus: INFORMATION

Gestation period is 10 to 12 months. Litter sizes range from pups, which remain in the shallow nursing grounds for the first few years to avoid predation.

It may NOT be used within Apps. Biogeographic Regions oceanic islands native indian ocean native atlantic carchahinus native pacific ocean native Habitat Blacktip sharks are common tropical, warm-temperate, inshore and offshore sharks Stafford-Deitsch, Only one of these was fatal.


Whitetip reef shark T. The large pectoral fins are falcate and pointed. Blacktip Shark meat is primarily consumed locally and fins are dried and shipped to the Far East where they are used in preparing shark-fin soup. Find out more For further information on sharks and their conservation: The flesh is well-regarded and the fins are highly marketable.

It is the second most important cardharhinus landed species in that region after the Sandbar Shark Carcharhinus plumbeus and its meat is considered superior to the latter species. Viviparous, with a yolk-sac placenta, 1 to 10 young per litter. Blacktip Shark Carcharhinus limbatus Blacktip shark Carcharhinus limbatus underwater. Though we carcharhinks our accounts for accuracy, we cannot guarantee all information carcharjinus those accounts.

Size at birth cm [] ; cm TL []. Journal of Wildlife Diseases. Wildscreen With – Tom Hooker: Please send carchsrhinus images of “Carcharhinus limbatus” to info shark-references. The first dorsal fin and lower part of the tail fin are usually edged with black 2. Molecular Ecology 15 Journal of Fish Biology.

It is common to coastal tropical and subtropical waters around the world, including brackish habitats.

Coral reefs are found in warm, shallow oceans with low nutrient availability.