Résumé (fre). On peut comparer Molly Sweeney () de Brian Friel à The Well of the Saints () de J.M. Synge, un texte moderniste, mais il a pour source. “The sad and miraculous plight of Molly Sweeney has brought out the best in the playwright Brian Friel Rich with rapturous poetry and the music of rising. Molly Sweeney has ratings and 22 reviews. Molly Sweeney, by the great Irish playwright Brian Friel, tells the story of married couple Molly and Frank.

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Frank Sweeney is the butt of this attack on knowledge, but Dr. And then I knew, suddenly I knew why I was so desolate. She brought the flowers right up against her face and inhaled in quick gulps and at the same time, with her free hand, swiftly, deftly felt the stems and the leaves and the blossoms.

Just offering yourself to the experience every pore open and eager vriel that world of pure sensation, of sensation alone sensation that could not have been enhanced by sight experience that existed only by touch and feel; and moving swiftly and rhythmically through that enfolding world; and the sense of such assurance, such liberation, such concordance with it.

I had had a lot of drinks.

But I have a vivid memory of each of those three visits. And my first thought was: He received his education at St. Frank, the man she marries who becomes convinced that she can only be complete when her vision is restored, and Dr.


In the action of the play, however, Friel follows Sacks’s case history closely. No, the world that I now saw half-saw, peered at really it was a world of wonder and surprise and delight. Taggart,s day job is teaching math at the UW. Indeed, as Faith Healer so obviously shows, knowledge in Friel is uncertain and relativistic. But just as on that first morning in Rice’s bungalow when the only thing my mind could focus on was the smell of fresh whiskey off his breath, now all I could think of was some some some sweebey scrap of information a Norwegian fisherman told me about the eyes of whales.

Molly Sweeney

And of those thousands I wonder how many I’ll remember. A hart warming play about have an operation can change everyone involved. Her life, she insisted, was uneventful compared with vrian.

Friel’s conclusions are troubling. They each end up failing to realise it. In reminiscing about her sightless years, Dorothy Duffy’s moving Molly scales a tree with rapturous ease. By ‘truer’ Friel does not mean accurate in the usual sense, such as his predecessor Bernard Shaw employed when describing his own mol,y condition: The eye was saved, really because Girder was a magician.

And then a strange thing happened.

Molly Sweeney by Brian Friel – Past | Drama In The Hood

And then I’d go back to Mr. That irony is compounded in Wonderful Tennessee by the insistence that silence is a more viable mode than language of communicating meaningfully It is necessary here to enter into particulars so as to chart Friel’s modus operandi. So the question she had to ask herself was: Frank makes Molly victim to his own frustrated desire to possess and displace Mr. She wasn’t in her old blind world she was exiled from that. She wondered did I use lipstick maybe just for today?


I really never did warm to that man. Friel’s action moves towards a definition of spiritual exile, a territory familiar not only from Philadelphia, Here I Come! Tell me what you saw. There were scars of old disease, too.

Rice pressed for the operation. So we’ll go to the swimming pool? Frank whispered something to me. Refresh and try criel. And where did they head for? In those last few months I was seeing less and less. Wasn’t it all wonderful? And that’s how we spent it digging two bloody badgers out of their sett. In that swanky accent of his “engram.