Blackwater: A Novel [Kerstin Ekman, Joan Tate] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. On Midsummer’s Eve, , Annie Raft arrives with her. Blackwater is a novel by the Swedish writer Kerstin Ekman. It received the August Prize in and the Nordic Council Literature Prize in It also won . Now it’s time for a classic from an extremely notable author from Sweden: Kerstin Ekman, the Swedish crime novelist and the author of a string.

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Time to vote for our April read! This article about a s novel is a stub. He was calling like a bell in the forest. Only later do we learn of a significant event blackwatet the connection to Birger’s own emotional withdrawal. I found the book scary and delightful, especially as it represents a category of Scandinavian crime fiction largely gone unnoticed in the world of translations: Greenery placed over houses and barns are to bring good fortune and health to people and livestock.

He was sentenced for eight of kerstib murders, with the same prosecutor and a biased psychotherapist. Yet at other times it was just too verbose, while the descriptions well written, they just seemed to be holding up the story.

So when Annie and Mia later decide to settle in Blackwater all their lives are haunted by the incident. The Legionnaires — Per Olov Enquist.


Sista rompan Vargskinnet, 2 4. The American Girl — Kersfin Fagerholm There are many characters in the novel, of which many are not important.

What most annoyed me was the bits and pieces of information give I had two copies of this book and decided to read the Dutch version. We get a glimpse into both the normal and seemingly random details that are – consciously or subconsciously – picked up by each person with a matter-of-factness that I think surprises even the characters at times!


Blackwater (novel) – Wikipedia

I found myself skipping passages that were overly descriptive–probably a more “literary” reader would appreciate these much more than I did. To ask other readers questions about Blackwaterplease sign up.

Aug 23, Oliver rated it it was amazing. The stories are told in short choppy chapters. I thought at this point things would begin to come together — nope.

BLACKWATER by Kerstin Ekman | Kirkus Reviews

Taking with him an eel he rescued from the well, Johan had hitchhiked with an older woman calling herself Ylja ekmxn the border to Norway, where the woman briskly relieved him of his virginity, established him as the latest incarnation of the mystical Traveler who was prophesied to arrive with a live animal, and finally drove him away. Part of what continues to fascinate me about Scandinavian crime fiction is the routine respect with which the authors approach their genre–the real quality of the prose and complexity not only of the plots themselves, but of the milieus–the characters and settings peripheral to the events that these books are ‘about.

In the seventies, the descrimination against Samis, the raindeer herders, the pervasive alcoholism and the hippy communities living in the forest. The moment she had closed the door she heard the voices raised again. There are too many parts that slow the book down, without any obvious purpose. En roman om Herman Bang — Dorrit Willumsen For example, Birger, the doctor, alludes to marital problems with his wife Barbro. A very special style, and quite admirable, yet a difficult book to read both for style issues and the depressing tone.

Pubertet — Ivar Lo-Johansson. This complicated, disturbing novel reminds me of the best of Blackwateg Rendell. Under the North Star 3: The Women and the Town 4 books by Kerstin Ekman. Much of the book seems hypnotic, reminding me of some of John Fowles’ writing.


The third person viewpoint in each case frees the author to expound unreliable narratives with convincing authority. The story comes together at the end–like the last 20 pages–so you really don’t know how it will all tie together until the end. The identities of the two victims are almost irrelevant. Don’t know how long the boom will last, but just now Lapland feels full of life and hope.

Chilling overtones and superb characterization kfrstin much of what could otherwise be inspirational: I have two of her other books on hold at the library.

Published December 15th by Picador first published Moments later, she is overcome by an icy and frightening chill that sends her running back to the village, through the forest and pastures, where she cowers behind a shed so that the children cannot see her trembling. On the last stretch down to the river, they cut across some marshland that swayed under their feet.

Rate this book Clear rating 1 of 5 stars 2 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars. The mystery lasts for almost 18 years. Readers might also simply want to add the name of the main character at the beginning of kefstin new chapter.