characteristics of the various types of antennas listed in Table . II- Antenna E- plane: Circumferential direction of spacer. 0. Am plitude [d. B] Ver 8 • 08/ surface temperature from C. The sensor operates over a long distance via the relay and coordinator network covering a very large field as shown in the chart Figure 1. The IRT may be . Part no is SPIP-ACC24, and is an exposed antenna. See Zigbee packet or for further details. 0. CQ-C/CU. Removable Full Front MP3 WMA CD Player/Receiver with Full Dot Matrix Display and. CD Changer .. Wiring diagram, upgrading the system 1, upgrading the system 2, speaker 2/Ver. 8/Ver.9* 64 kbps− kbps No Antenna. The antenna lead is a thick, black wire with a metal plug at the end.

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Press any key to continue the operation. Measuring The Range 2.

The compass rose shows two triangles: Page Marker-zoom display The marker-zoom display vee8.0 a selected area of the normal sounder picture to full vertical size of the screen on the left-half window. Therefore, change the depth unit before changing the basic ranges.

When you insert a suitable chart card in the slot and your boat is near any chart graphic data, a chart appears. For example, selecting the circle shape will join lines with a circle as below. Routes Routes Often a trip from one place to another involves several course changes, requiring a series of route ver80 waypoints which you navigate to, one after another. The vector tip shows an estimated position of the target after the selected vector time elapses.


Navigating To Waypoints 3. For example, video plotter pictures can be transferred to a radar and vice versa. Any trouble should be referred to a qualified technician.

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If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Item Display unit connectors Preventive Maintenance Regular maintenance is important for optimum chqrt.

Interpreting The Sounder Display 4. Additionally it displays the times of sunrise and sunset. You are asked if you are ready to download or upload waypoints and routes. The default sounder function key settings are as shown in the table below.

Page This page is intentionally left blank. The default plotter function key settings are as shown in the table below.


Bearing resolution Bearing resolution is the ability of the radar to display the echoes received from two targets, chxrt are at the same range and close together, as separate targets. Inserting waypoint from the route list 1. Language Chooses menu language. Working Chatt Track 3. Press the [MENU] key. Own ship position Intended The size of the fish school can be ascertained from the density of the display.


Selecting Radar Source 1. In addition to reducing clutter, the FTC can be used in fine weather to clarify the picture when navigating in confined waters.

Furuno NAVNET 1722 Operator’s Manual

Published by Geoffrey Nash Modified over 3 years ago. SP – 6 ES01K Insert a formatted memory card into the slot.

Its on-screen appearance looks like many bright dots either scattered at random charrt in the form of dotted lines extending from the center to the edge of the display. You can inscribe this mark from any mode, except while playing back data or conducting a self-test.

The equipment displays program version number, checks devices and shows the number of the chart card inserted in the chart slot if inserted.