The Annals of the Choson Dynasty. Documentary heritage submitted by Republic of Korea and recommended for inclusion in the Memory of the World Register. Free database of the annual record of the Joseon Dynasty of Korea. Available in the Hangul scripts as well as the original classical Chinese texts. The centuries-old Annals of the Joseon Dynasty also known as the Joseon Wangjo Sillok, are set to be translated into English. The National.

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National Institute of Korean History. As a general rule, details on selections for government posts besides the unimportant positions, miscellaneous tasks, extraneous officials, and honorary positions are to be written after examining the jozeon documents at the Ministry of Personnel and Ministry of War. The newly printed sets were stored at the Bureau of State Records, on Mt.

That is to say, the annals were always produced posthumously. Thus, the annals of their reigns are respectively known as Jiseon ilgi and Gwanghae-gun ilgi, however they were compiled in the same way as the other dynastic annals were, and the nature of their content is also the same.

The Annals of the Choson Dynasty | United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

As a general rule, records by the Office for Observance of Natural Phenomena are examined when detailing natural disasters and celestial portents, which are covered as individual events. Notably, the annals written in early Joseon contain much information that would be difficult to justify according to strict Confucian norms.

Order of reign Official title No. The Annals of the first three kings of the Joseon dynasty, those of Taejo r. However, when these actions involve questions of right and wrong with regard to government affairs, they must be recorded. However, the content is not as rich as that of the Joseon wangjo sillok. Email required Address never made public.


The collection covers the reigns of 25 rulers, from King Taejo to King Cheoljong, and spans a period of years. Once the compilation project was officially announced and the Committee on Compilation established, the court would issue a countrywide decree requiring the submission of all the daily records kept at home by former dedicated diarist-historians, by officials who once served concurrently as diarist-historians or by surviving family members.

Korea undertakes English translation of historical archives

The archives at Mt. When the situation called for such a reference, a diarist-historian was specially dispatched to the archive to transcribe only the portion of the text that was relevant to the issue at hand.

Odae was sent to Tokyo Imperial University in Japan. A notation on the Chinese emperor’s dybasty year is placed below the Joseon ruler’s reign year. Ceremonial resignations normally need not be recorded in full. For more information, please visit the official website. The mulberry paper on which the documents were written was then reused.

In the fourth year of King Sukjong, a new archive was erected at Jeongjoksan Mountain in Ganghwado Island, which became a new home to the annals that had been kept at the Manisan Mountain archive. Moreover, the strict annals compilation standards applied during Joseon were not followed after the dynasty’s demise.

Annals of Joseon Dynasty

For the time being, for those who cannot read classical Chinese and Korean, you may get a glimpse of the Joseon Annals by reading the sample English translation of the annals of King Sejong by clicking this link. Taebaek in Gyeongsang Province; Mt. These are outlined below. Despite the thhe, a month-long project was launched in the seventh month in to reproduce joeon printed sets of oof first thirteen Veritable Records from Taejo to Myeongjong. Upon the death of a king and the coronation of his successor, the Sillokcheong “Office for Annals Compilation” used the Sacho to begin compilation of his annals.

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Myohyang to a new archive on Mt. As a result, great care is needed when referring to or citing the historical records included in the Veritable Records of Emperor Gojong and Veritable Records of Emperor Sunjong.

Mani, while the revised master set went to Mt. Taebaek version Sillok totals 1, fascicles in books. Each typhoon, earthquake and other natural disaster that occurs in outlying regions must be recorded without fail by examining the reports that were submitted the throne at the time of occurrence.

The Veritable Qnnals of King Seongjong contains a very high number of fascicles, as each one covered just one month’s time regardless of the content volume.

From the Veritable Records of King Sejong, the compilation project would produce one handwritten version of the final draft along with three copies printed with moveable metallic type, and these four sets would be preserved in archives at four jpseon locations.

It starts with the Veritable Records of King Taejo.

They collected documents and wrote daily accounts that included state affairs as well as diplomatic affairs, the economy, religion, meteorological phenomena, the arts, and daily life, among other things. Rather, they were produced by the Office of Governor-General of Korea between andat a time when Korea had lost her sovereignty to Imperial Japan, and the accounts on the Korean emperor and imperial family were greatly distorted.

You can also get a good introduction of the Joseon Annals by watching this video.

The final draft contains contents that were finally deleted, so this draft retains a lot of information. Three additional copies of the Veritable Records were made by the eleventh month ofresulting in four sets.