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One other BTC member, Georgia, has a private security force to protect pipelines in the country.

Finally, possibles recommendations will be given in order to optimize the pipeline security system and organization in Turkey.

By way of these agreements, Turkey is planning to improve its good neighboor relations with Russia, secure its energy needs and tame EU with energy projects together with or without Russia. This administration is resonsible for providing security parameters, and achieve the security targets by means of civilian and public security corporations. Bu tabloda 10 km.

These projects present vital importance for facilities in the main conjunctions such as base valves, compressors, operation headquarters. One other cost issue on pipeline security is the insurance costs. In order to realize this target, and satisfy the reliability of pipeline infrastructure in Turkey, it is alo vividly important to secure the pipelines and procure the safety of commodities that pass through these pipelines to reach destinations where energy is kanuh demanded.

tarihli Resmi Gazete

In other words, these posts are no different from the other security posts established in the other areas of Turkey by JGK, being the concept of operation is the same. In Turkey, the incidents like sabotage, theft, terrorist attacks, and vandalism that arise concerns to pipeline security may be encountered. One may also think that, by applying this new formation a more proffesional institte would be attained, Turkey would be more experienced on pipeline security, even a pipeline training center in the region and substantial burden of insurance costs would kankn decreased.


However, this advantage will be attained by securily functioning pipelines.

Daily loss that is caused for any reason is around US dollars. Today, after proper arrangements, these stations have not only been used for protecting their respective pipelines, bu also cross-used for protecting other pipeline that intersect neigboring pipleines.

This very fact makes the safe and secure oil and natural gas transfer to the users vitally 5188 topic. Kaanun natural gas pipeline that aims to transfer the oil from Caspian basin to the European markets is kanhn major pipeline project that will pass through Turkey. In fact, main responsibility of this personnel is to provide general public security in the assigned areas.

Log In Sign Up. Within this discussion expertise on pipeline security must be highly encouraged. This pipeline was inagurated in Julyafter the accord that was signed between these countries in By way of this institution, it might be developed that a more technology based and more comprehensive pipeline security system utilizing 24 hour fiber-optics survelliance and a technology based function rather than human based one.

pandora fairy 48 00 5188 kanun

In order to kqnun this goal, present pipeline security system should be more effective, more proffessional, more reliable and obviously more instituonal. Means of obtaining authorization for private security agencies are outlined in Law article 3: 5188 Security Implications in Other Countries It has been seen that, in many countries, regional security measure are taken for providing pipeline security.

Pipelines and its facilities should be reinforced with technologically supported physical sanctions. Within the city districts, sensitive infrastructe of pipelines without security protocols, such as vanes, main junction points, pump stations, refineries are protected by the measures posed by the governorship.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. In this framework a national and corparate security concept should be designed and implemented in Kahun. This study focuses on the issues which are thought to be missing and therefore have to be restored in the area of pipeline security in the current and future Turkish pipeline projects. Therefore, a separate budget from the treasury should be spared only for pipeline security, this kxnun should be used by the security institution, sepending of this budget should be inspected, thus a cost-effective security system ought to be devised.


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From the information leaned by the securtiy officials, although protocols serve to protect the pipelines, there is still lack of solid coordination between the operating parties, uncertainities in the legal structure of the pipelines, and protocols do not give a way to develop a serious mean the methods applied for providing the security of pipelines. Law kajun 6 defines the execution of pipeline security as: Especially, a pilot application through sensors and and receptors at Ceyhan 85 km.

Staff Collage Energy Seminar There are 22 security teams and 11 security posts in service in order to protect the pipeline.

Only 10 km of the line is protected by the police department. This force named Special State Protection Service with special and civilian security guards that only fulfill the responsibility of pipeline security. On the other hand, there kanu been numerous cases of theft, vandalism incidents in the kabun region.

Looking into legal statuory of pipelines in Turkey, there is no other single regulation in Turkey except for these laws related to pipeline security.

However, oil theft and vandalism threats whihch are as eminent as terrorism threat, would still continue to be a real threat against the pipelines. As for terrorist attacks, there has been only one attack on BTC lines, in 51888 Erzincan-Refahiye location which is still in question kannun this explosion is a terrorist sabotage or not, which the case is yet in the courts.

In addition to this general state frame, government local officals such as governor, mayor manun district government head officers are also regarded in the security system, however this system is aimed for the general security, not for pipline security or any other infrastructural security issue.