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The cock pulled from her throat, Rebecca forced to taste the vile and hot cum as it shot into her mouth. He looked back over at the bath, tears streaming down his face. There is also a camera in this room, with the images shown on a television screen in front of her showing exactly what happened up here as she is mechanically raped and tortured. Electricity ran through his body for a moment and then he fell to the ground. We call it the widening of your ass hole and the cleansing of your colon. The blankets would be torn from her body, her legs spread and her pussy speared again by a hard cock.

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Rebecca moaned in pain as her freshly abused pussy was again forced to open up for a huge instrument of torture.

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It's worse than the enema's I got today. It always hurts when he does that. This can also be used for the deliverance of pain. You want me to make you cum, Heather? Its so cold, he thought, rubbing his bare chest and arm. Can you imagine what it would feel like if I applied sandpaper to them?

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  1. I LOVE THAT ASS but i had to watch this vid on mute because of the shit music.