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Thumping on his chest Nigger down heah. In many settings, this can happen for half-races with mixed bloodlines, half-orcs or half-ogres especially. The Child of Two Worlds trope didn't come into play as often because a mixed-race child was more likely to be rejected by both parent groups instead of just one or the other. Gritta, a character from the prequel series is the half-breed daughter of a disgraced courtier, and grows up in The City Narrows as a sort of Eponine expy, used in her father's schemes, and with some implication of being pimped by him. In farmer society, half bloods face fears of being witches and are not trusted. Cleo Finch tended to see racism as the reason behind every slight or reprimand she or any other African-American physician dealt with.

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This was apparently often faced by the children of US servicemen born to Vietnamese women after the war.

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Then Lehran lost all of his powers after the child's birth, everybody panicked thinking that a new race war would result from laguz fears of being breeded out, and such unions were outlawed, which increased tensions and ensured continuous violence between the two sides for centuries more. It made me so cross to see someone getting so slaughtered. The Guado do eventually accept Seymour as their new leader, and the rest of Spira comes to love him as a maester of Yevon. Animation Business Journal in Japanese. Suzu, as a young housewife in a Tonarigumi[c] takes turns overseeing food distribution and attends training against air raids.

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