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Did women enjoy anal sex? Well, I promise it'll be OK but yes, it might hurt a bit at the start. I start with my fingers, adding more fingers with time and only then do I go for the final act. When most people think of anal sex, they assume it means intercourse or at the very least, penetration. So, lots of clitoral stimulation. I've just recently come out of a relationship with an amazing woman who at first was repulsed by the idea of anal sex.

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Yes they do of course only if it is done right!

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25 Tips to Enjoy Anal Sex From Someone Who Loves It

How do oral, anal and vaginal sex differ in feeling? That creates more relaxation and expands their capacity to feel good. Somehow it felt deeper than the vaginal sex. Typically it starts with a clueless partner trying to shove it in, hoping that they'll enjoy the experience — only to have the event end in trauma and pain. Once your partner is comfortable and is enjoying it, add more fingers. Still have a question?

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