Peeing in bidet

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Boy did I feel sorry for that mutt when she caught him. It's mainly for washing. Fixtures that combine a toilet seat with a bidet, which may be electronicare available. Just thought I should tell you about this waterless urinal for females from the company Uridan that was tested at the main train station in Frankfurt where I live in June - see a forum post made by Amel who was an intern with GIZ at the time: My dad once peed in the sink in a French port-a-potty because he thought it was a urinal. Yet once they turn the knob and the water begins to pour out into the basin, an invariable look of confused contemplation crosses their face and their tone of certainty changes. Follow the links below for special discounts!

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Community manager and chief moderator of this forum funded via SEI project until January www. Fixtures that combine a toilet seat with a bidet, which may be electronicare available. A low income waitress leaves her partner while he is at work and runs off with a wealthy customer of hers. I now hate to use the toilet at home in Australia as smearing my rear end with the aid of toilet paper is totally disgusting compared with a jolly good squirt feeling clean and fresh once more. It isnt by the toilet so dont try something to do with the toilet? Retrieved 20 Dec

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peeing in bidet
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peeing in bidet
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