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Note that the findings of behavioral genetics are not restricted to personality and IQ tests. The few interactions that have been found could account for only a negligible portion of variance Loehlin, If it could be shown that they were indeed different interpretations of the same events, this would be evidence of a gene-environment interaction. One promising approach is the self-categorization theory proposed by Turner From the preschool period through early adolescence, gender-group affiliations are of central concern; age-group issues remain in the background. The assumption of the context-specificity of socialization predicts that researchers will be more likely to detect influences of the home environment if their tests or observations are carried out in the home.

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In their explanation of the children's game Truth or Dare, Opie and Opie described the dares that might be given to a player:

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Where Is the Child's Environment? A Group Socialization Theory of Development

A common, but unwarranted, conclusion drawn from such observations is that the parental influence must be pervasive and long-lasting. Child-rearing practices and values vary greatly from one generation to another Alwin, ; Wolfenstein,and this is true not only in developed societies. I am not referring here to the strategic alliances that are common in primate groups and that tend to be short-lived; I am referring to love. This is somewhat misleading, because what they are referring to is not a negative correlation, but no correlation at all-randomness. This would decrease the number and variety of ecological niches the members of the family could fit into and reduce the likelihood that at least one child would survive. According to GS theory, the reason the home environment has no lasting effects is that children are predisposed to favor the outside-the-home behavioral system over the one they acquired at home. By making "scrambled eggs" and yelling "NoNoNo!

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