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The first thing you need to remember is to think before you react. You're not that far off from being a teen yourself, but I'm also including people who are one, two, three or four decades away from their adolescence. As well, younger people -- particularly younger women -- tend to less frequently report satisfaction both in terms of orgasm as well as overall pleasure and physical and emotional comfort with partnered sex than their older counterparts, likely due to both those unrealistic expectations as well as to the simple fact that more times than not, for sex to be the stuff of misty wonder, it takes time and practice as well as a kind of social and cultural environment sex happens within which many teens do not yet have, particularly outside their peer groups. It doesn't make much sense to feel guilty about it or ashamed of it. I'm amazed at my own temerity in asking and having used the "p" word above I'm sure you won't answer my question but I assure you it is genuine.

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Any chance you know of some resources that may help?

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Q&A: When your teen is sexually active

In other words, if -- and I only say this based on that "awe and wonder" business -- you're just looking for someone easy to impress, where you don't have to do a lot of learning and changing yourself, who has lower expectations of you than someone else might, you dishonor that person and neither of you is likely to have a sexual or overall relationship that truly knocks anyone's socks off. While I'm not of the mind that sex or relationships should be about "work," they do both certainly take effort, and both certainly require all partners to have similar levels of both vulnerability and things to learn from the other to be healthy and enriching all around. I find myself more attracted to teenagers than females my own age How do we deal with the problem without alienating our child? I don't think that is something based primarily on age, and I think the idea of teens being that way is largely projected adult romanticism and fantasy: The term for an adult who is sexually attracted to teenagers -- to someone entering or in pubertybut who is not yet a full-grown adult is, instead hebephile or ephebephile.

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teen having sex with other teen
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teen having sex with other teen
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