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He wandered through the shop taking fries off customers plates and no one noticed. But knowing Alex if she saw a fly or spider she would most likely just squash it, so that seemed a little too dangerous. He did peak under the door and could see her jeans and panties down at her ankles, and then heard her pissing a stream into the bowl which was kind of horny, however from his angle on the floor he couldn't she her pussy at all. Helping out in the Sub-Station there were always lots of women coming and going that he could have these thoughts about, and whether they were 15 or 50 didn't seem to matter they all turned him on. Just In All Stories: One night Max was lying in bed thinking if he didn't get to see a real nude woman soon, instead of the porn mag stash hidden in his wardrobe, he was going to explode, when it struck him ….

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He went up to his father and waved his hands in front of his face with no reaction.

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Unfortunately all he ever got to see was the swell of her boobs at the top of the towel and her smooth thin long legs. Maybe not so well, but if he applied himself a little maybe he could use his magic to fulfill his fantasies, especially those involve his hot 15yr old sister Alex. Jerry had noticed the extra effort that Max suddenly seemed to be putting in to his magic studies and was proud of his son … if only he knew. Over the next week Max spent much of his time in the study lair going through different spell books looking for spells that would help him spy on his sister nude. Even worse not only did he have these thoughts about the strangers he came across, he even had these thoughts about the females who were part of his life, his sisters geeky redhead friend Harper, his own sexy 15 year old sister Alex, and even his hot tex-mex mother Theresa with her fantastic big boobies. Towards the end of the week Max came across the spell that he decided was the key to his success "The Cloak of Invisibility". Max had tried to spy on Alex nude a couple of times without success.

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