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Peter is the worst of them all, as he physically and emotionally abuses his daughter in every other episode. After accidentally spilling her lunch on tough guy Mike, he challenges her to a fight, and she would do almost anything to get out of it. Back home after the experience, Meg becomes her worst self. Rather than simply accepting this and moving on, Meg goes full Meg, and decides that the thing to do is try and force Chris into sleeping with Ken so that she can live vicariously through him. As well as using her boobs to literally melt her opponent, she squeezes a zit onto his face, making him vomit. She leaves only when both of her parents are in tears, and shows no remorse for what she said… until the end of the episode, when the family is falling apart without her to use as whipping boy.

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The episode starts with a trio of burglars breaking into the Griffin family home, and while the rest of the family is in the panic room who knew the Griffins had a panic room?

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And 10 Who Never Should. An invention that would be able to change the DNA in one's body and also give them the ability of selective genetic traits to pass down to their biological children. She has the time to do all this, of course, because she followed Bonnie and hid a gun in her luggage, so that she would be arrested at the airport and not be able to come home. In an attempt to do just that, she makes a tape of herself and uploads it to the internet which fails, because no one watches it. She makes increasingly sexual advances that freak Brian out, but the rest of the family ignores it until she knocks him out and kidnaps him. Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans.

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